If you are resident in Betchworth or Buckland and want to preserve the quality of life in these two villages, this is your chance!
Your Village Needs You The Betchworth and Buckland Society was founded almost 60 years ago 'for the protection of the natural beauty of the countryside and the preservation of the character and surroundings of the two villages'. Over the years the Society has expanded and the objectives have become more clealy defined:
  • To protect the natural and built environment in our villages and to provide a unified voice when dealing withissues of concern.
  • To provide support and advice for projects that enhance village life
  • To encourage interest in local history, culture and character
  • To promote social events, bringing together residents and to raise funds
Numbers do count and the Society needs as large a membership as possible.

To maximise its influence when lobbying and making representation on behalf of the two villages, the Society needs the support and input of all residents who share the Society’s objectives and values.

This is your chance to help to make a difference

Also to be part of and enjoy the Society’s social, entertainment and educational events.


For only £10.00 annual subscription your entire family can become members and help to preserve the quality of life of our wonderful villages.

Please act today and for further details contact

Membership Secretary: Mr. Richard Worsley, Greenridge, Reigate Road,

Reigate RH2 9RE


or for more information go to

We look forward to welcoming you at our next event
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